Truth About My Encounter with GSA Students
Click here to go to the American Thinker article for full content along with comments.

Thank you to the writer of this article for his willingness to tell the truth about this encounter.
ALSO, at the end of the page you can watch the Youtube video anonymously produced and very well narrated. 

I have only one apology to make, that is to my constituents in Senate District 5.  I aplogize that the WY media did not print this story in its entirety and kept you and so many other across the country distracted with a lie.

Note, as your Senator, I did not allow the allegations and ideations of W.E. to distract me from my duties to you in the Senate. ~ Lynn Hutchings
Again, I did not produce this video nor do I know who did.  But they took the time to get it right.  I am grateful to you as well as Mr. Brophy.

The creator did not believe the ideations of W.E. but sought the truth and created a wonderful video for you to watch and learn from.     TRUTH WINS!

Thank you.

Lynn Hutchings